Security for Small Businesses

As the owner of a small business, you have a hand in every aspect of its daily operations. Your staff, your customers and your family all rely on your expertise and leadership.

Insured leadership

Protecting the assets of your company is one of your primary responsibilities. And no asset is more valuable than you and, in many cases, your most senior employees. Aspire Financial can provide a wide assortment of tools to help plan for any unexpected interruption to your leadership. Life insurance (including exempt life policies), disability insurance and critical illness insurance all offer benefits that could replace lost income and cover costs while you are incapacitated. You’ll have time to focus on recovering from your illness or injury before you return, and the flexibility to help make thoughtful decisions about the future of the business.

With a variety of options available, we can also help to structure a program that will fit your needs and provide the optimal tax impact of your premiums and benefits and, in some cases, may allow a payback of paid premiums.

Retirement planning

In addition to traditional Retirement Saving Plans (RSPs), Aspire Financial can offer business owners expanded opportunities to turn their business earnings into additional retirement income with tax deferred exposure. An Individual Pension Plan (IPP) may offer incorporated business owners a tax efficient method of using corporate contributions to fund their own personal defined benefit pension.

Looking for more information on the services we provide for small businesses in London and Southwestern Ontario, contact Aspire Financial today.