55+ And Onward

Are you ready for what’s next?

Up to now, your focus has been on establishing a career, securing your family and building your personal assets. As the prospect of retirement appears in the not-too-distant future, all that changes!

When you reach age 55+, your obligations and financial pressures have shifted. The “nest” is empty, or nearly so. You’re less concerned with paying a mortgage, sending kids to camps and college, and other life expenses. Today, you’re ready to look seriously at reducing debt and preparing for retirement.

Your Aspire Financial consultant can help you to visualize your retirement lifestyle, analyze your assets and understand how government benefits, company pension plans, RRSP and TFSA savings all piece together to support your future comfort. Then, together, we’ll plot a course to get you there, safe and sound.

For more information on our 55+ services in London and Southwestern Ontario, please contact Aspire Financial Group directly.